Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Holidays!

My very late holiday post...sorry everyone been very busy with work. Hope that your holidays were magnificent. Thought I'd post some of the things I've been working on lately...most are doodles, some are old old old pieces that I'm just looking back on. I clarify in each individual pieces description. 

 Remmi and Bess
(please excuse poor quality I took a picture of this from my phone) 
Cassidy Tucker's original characters 
my original drawing 
(a very late) Merry Christmas to everyone 

 Classifications Are Stupid 
from left to right 
(top) emo, goth, scene
(bottom) indie, hipster, amish
original piece
(c) RachelAro2011

Holy Crud my hand!

 Max and Angel - Power Struggle
from the book series Maximum Ride, if you've read this series you
know about Max and Angel's almost constant power struggle
seriously someone needs to whack Angel upside the head
or at least give her a time out. Remind her that she's six and NOT the leader.
anyways. Characters belong to James Patterson. Drawing belongs to moi.
 Mortal Instruments - All Together Now
excuse poor quality this picture is via my phone :) 
Mortal Instruments characters belong to Cassie Clare
Original drawing is mine.
Cassie Clare actually featured this one on her twitter page, it was pretty rad. :)

 Phone Calls From Home t-shirt contest entry 
I did this for the December t-shirt contest 
sadly I didn't win, or place or whatever...but I don't care
it was fun to draw and just something I threw together really quick

from Disney's Tangled 
I've seen this movie twice...LOVED it!!!