Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I feel conflicted...

Well hi there. I've been thinking lately of starting a writing blog, for well blogging purposes, however I don't know whether or not to create a new blog, and keep this strictly an art blog, or fuse the two together for an ultimate ART-BLOG-WRITING extravaganza. Needless to say I am feeling very conflicted.
In other news I'm moving so I probably won't post any new stuff for a while, cause well I have NO time to draw right now.

I also wanted to point out that I am taking commissions, so if you know of someone or would like to have artwork done please comment below and I will give you my contact info and rates. I do character design both traditional (pencil art) and digital.

Thanks for reading and following :) I'll be posting art work soon, or eventually...whenever I get around to drawing hahaha. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

 This is my character Alli :) 

 Oh Cole :)
this is Alli's (see above) attractive male counterpart 

 I don't really know who this is, in truth,
though she does look a whole lot like a character of mine
Junie, who is from the same story as Cole and Alli :)  
Can't remember if I posted this or not already, I may have,
I might not have...if I did I'll take this one down.
Anyways...drew this for my friend Cassidy :) 
this is her character Landon, who can turn invisible so 
I had some fun messing with gradients to kind of get that 
"invisible" look.

 Practicing with storyboards.
 These are Cassidy's characters 
Lucie, top, and Jonis, bottom...
they are not from the same stories.
and finally, one of my favorites right now...
Mr. Herondale, aka Will Herondale, from Cassandra Clare's 
Infernal Devices series.
I love this character.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

this is a new artwork post... o.o

ok sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been super swamped with work, and by super swamped I mean SUPER swamped, but I have somehow managed to find some extra time tonight to post some new artwork so yippee :)

almost there
pretty much drew this from a dream 
I like it.  

Already Gone
taken from Kelly Clarkson's song :)
just what I was feeling the afternoon I drew this
Inspired by Taylor Swift's song Last Kiss

Zac and Chuck :)

 dream character dude again






 Iggy from the Max Ride series, honestly my favorite
fictional character ever. Plus I love the name. Iggy. Iggy.
Iggy. Iggy. Iggy. Iggy. Iggy. Iggy.
I love Iggy.
Jace Clary and Simon









Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Stuff...

Huey and Astrid
I introduce, my brain children Huey and Astrid :)
I think they're super cute. Hopefully you will too.
I Must Be Dreaming 
"remember the day when we started this and 
you made the shape of my heart with your hands" 
-The Maine "I Must Be Dreaming"
The Maine has been serving as quite the muse for me lately
I really like this piece, even if its simple :)
 Thinking of You 
pretty self explanatory, just something I doodled
at work.

 The Sun
done in photoshop.

 Saltwater Room
inspired by Owl City's Saltwater Room 
I love this song :)
 Chuck and Allyson 
may I introduce you to another couple I have thought up
Chuck and Allyson...I think they're pretty cute.
Chuck looks a whole lot like my buddy Ethan though
haha completely unintentional. 

 Into Your Arms 
another piece inspired by the Maine. 
Into Your Arms, is possibly my favorite song by them,
if you haven't heard it, go listen, its amazing. :) 

 I Don't Love You 
I was just doodling and this piece kinda happened...
I really like it. Inspired by My Chemical Romance's
"I Don't Love You" 

 The Space Between 
its hard loosing someone you love...
I like this one..I was messing around in photoshop at work 
one day and this kinda happened. 

 Jace Wayland, anyone?
Jace :) what more can I say?
I read City of Fallen Angels...AH-MAZING! 
Cassie Clare you did it again...
characters = Cassandra Clare
artwork = meh 
 Purple Lady 
original character


sorry for poor quality, this is from my sketchbook
I took the pick of it on my phone.
drawn with prisma color pencils 
and ink pen 

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love ;)

So here we are practically on the doorstep of one of the most fabricated holidays, in my opinion, ever. I just don't get Valentines day. I know, I know...a day for lovers right? Why be so heartless...I mean its totally NOT cause I've never gotten flowers or had a valentine or anything like that...cough cough, but that's besides the point. Every Valentines day the little girl in me squeals and gets excited and then the rational side has to calm things down; mentally slapping myself. Though this year I thought I wouldn't be such a downer and I'd post a couple love themed sketches, cause boy do I have a lot here we go. :)
 This first one is just a line drawing :s but whateva work your way up
I can't remember drawing this one haha 
 "Kiss Me" 
inspired by the song "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer
Love the song, like the drawing :) 

 "Purple and Red" 
as you can see by the crumpled state of this picture
it has seen some wear and tear, this one is probably 2 1/2 years old 
at the least...I'm not sure, however, I like the colors in the hair, and its kinda valentine's dayish

"Dusk and Twilight" 
I came up with this idea awhile ago, pretty much Dusk (girl) and Twilight (boy)
are the children of Night and Day who are sworn enemies. Dusk and Twilight fall in love, 
but Night and Day try their hardest to keep them separated, however much to their dismay, every day
as Day fades to Night, Twilight and Dusk are allowed to meet creating a sunset. 
Its kinda cheesy, but kinda cool (I think) in a way. 
My scanner kinda screwed this one up though, its still one of my favorite pieces.
*side note* if you would like to use this piece or reprint please contact me @

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Holidays!

My very late holiday post...sorry everyone been very busy with work. Hope that your holidays were magnificent. Thought I'd post some of the things I've been working on lately...most are doodles, some are old old old pieces that I'm just looking back on. I clarify in each individual pieces description. 

 Remmi and Bess
(please excuse poor quality I took a picture of this from my phone) 
Cassidy Tucker's original characters 
my original drawing 
(a very late) Merry Christmas to everyone 

 Classifications Are Stupid 
from left to right 
(top) emo, goth, scene
(bottom) indie, hipster, amish
original piece
(c) RachelAro2011

Holy Crud my hand!

 Max and Angel - Power Struggle
from the book series Maximum Ride, if you've read this series you
know about Max and Angel's almost constant power struggle
seriously someone needs to whack Angel upside the head
or at least give her a time out. Remind her that she's six and NOT the leader.
anyways. Characters belong to James Patterson. Drawing belongs to moi.
 Mortal Instruments - All Together Now
excuse poor quality this picture is via my phone :) 
Mortal Instruments characters belong to Cassie Clare
Original drawing is mine.
Cassie Clare actually featured this one on her twitter page, it was pretty rad. :)

 Phone Calls From Home t-shirt contest entry 
I did this for the December t-shirt contest 
sadly I didn't win, or place or whatever...but I don't care
it was fun to draw and just something I threw together really quick

from Disney's Tangled 
I've seen this movie twice...LOVED it!!!