Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Stuff...

Huey and Astrid
I introduce, my brain children Huey and Astrid :)
I think they're super cute. Hopefully you will too.
I Must Be Dreaming 
"remember the day when we started this and 
you made the shape of my heart with your hands" 
-The Maine "I Must Be Dreaming"
The Maine has been serving as quite the muse for me lately
I really like this piece, even if its simple :)
 Thinking of You 
pretty self explanatory, just something I doodled
at work.

 The Sun
done in photoshop.

 Saltwater Room
inspired by Owl City's Saltwater Room 
I love this song :)
 Chuck and Allyson 
may I introduce you to another couple I have thought up
Chuck and Allyson...I think they're pretty cute.
Chuck looks a whole lot like my buddy Ethan though
haha completely unintentional. 

 Into Your Arms 
another piece inspired by the Maine. 
Into Your Arms, is possibly my favorite song by them,
if you haven't heard it, go listen, its amazing. :) 

 I Don't Love You 
I was just doodling and this piece kinda happened...
I really like it. Inspired by My Chemical Romance's
"I Don't Love You" 

 The Space Between 
its hard loosing someone you love...
I like this one..I was messing around in photoshop at work 
one day and this kinda happened. 

 Jace Wayland, anyone?
Jace :) what more can I say?
I read City of Fallen Angels...AH-MAZING! 
Cassie Clare you did it again...
characters = Cassandra Clare
artwork = meh 
 Purple Lady 
original character


sorry for poor quality, this is from my sketchbook
I took the pick of it on my phone.
drawn with prisma color pencils 
and ink pen 


  1. Just discovered your blog, you're art is amazing!! Absolutely love the Taylor Swift "Last Kiss" one. You're super talented :)


  2. This blog is awesome! I WISH I could draw like you!

  3. i'm so jealous D: and i LOVE the mortal instruments and the infernal devices series! *cough cough - jace and will herondale - cough cough. i'vebeen trying to improve my drawing but i cant get it as good as you! :D