Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recent Work

Sebastian (aka Johnathon Morgenstern)
Just now I am realizing how obsessed I am with this series
-___- its kinda sad really. Anyways.
he's so evil. I love it! This picture though...I'm not sure its completely right...
I feel like somethings missing. hmmmm...
any hoo..
Cassandra Clare owns characters
me- artwork (c)RachelAro2010

 The Daylighter (aka Simon)
this is Simon from Cassandra Clare's MI series, 
after he was turned into a vampire...I love Simon :)
I don't think he gets near enough credit.
artwork (c)RachelAro2010

 Mortal Instruments sketches?
now I don't know if all of the above is MI sketches...
but I know some of them are, for instance the one with the arrow pointing at 
with Jace written above it...well that is and there are couple that fit the description but idk
Cassandra Clare owns the characters, I just loveee drawing them :) 

Mixed Tape
I painted over an actual picture for this get used to painting in photoshop
but yehhh, whoever was in that picture I used, sorry...

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