Thursday, December 2, 2010

 The Little Mermaid
did this freehand in ball point pen when I should've been doing
geometry last year hahaa 

 Summer Nights, Restless Fights

 I like the guy in this pic, but not the girl.

 Chase and Landon 
awww Landon is cute in this picture...I like it.
Cassidy Tucker - characters
artwork-me (c)RachelAro2010

 Lucie and Skylar
yay!! this is where Cassidy says "you're spelling their names wrong"
and I roll my eyes and change the fricken spelling for the ump-teenth time
characters-Cassidy Tucker
 Lil Landon :3
awww little Landon is so cute haha
Cassidy Tucker's Characters
artwork- me (c)RachelAro2010

Cassidy's character Brett (I told you a lot of the artwork on here
is her characters haha) I love the expressions though :p
artwork-me (c)RachelAro2010

 Taryn and Johnnie (I know I didn't spell that right)
Cass's characters
my artwork (c)RachelAro2010

 More Disney free hand done when I should've been doing Geometry :)

this character (above) belongs to my good friend Cassidy Tucker.
I just put her on paper. 
character: (c)CassidyJayneTucker2010

Everyone's A Critic's Logan Singing
funny story about this piece, I took the pose almost exactly from a photo
though I changed the person and some of the aesthetics...I just wanted to clarify that the people in these pictures are NOT the same. But yeh...

 Everyone loves a Bassist :)
ahh Preston

I don't know who this is. -__-
oh well...

Landon :)
this was done for my friend Cassidy Tucker, you will see a lot of 
art work done for her on here haha
Landon- (c)CassidyJayneTucker2010
artwork- me (c)RachelAro2010

drew this at the end of last year

I never finish anything *sighhhh*

I have no idea who these kids are...they just popped up and I drew em. :)

 Another Unfinished Piece
Jet. Jet. Jet. Jet.
Jay Ethan Thacker "Jet" 
done for Cass. 
Jet - (c)CassidyJayneTucker2010
artwork- me (c)RachelAro2010

I know a guy who looks JUST like joke
All Dressed Up and No Where to Go
 Seelie Court Kiss
Jace and Clary from Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments Series
:) I love this love. love. love. love.
I do NOT own these characters just love drawing them...
ignore the quotes on the side cause I think they're wrong :s
characters-Cassandra Clare
artwork-me (c)RachelAro2010

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